Henry VIII: [talking to Thomas Cromwell, trying to disguise the fact he is in agony from his leg wound] I've dispatched Suffolk with the royal army. If need be, I will dispatch a second army to destroy the rebels.
Thomas Cromwell: Yes, Majesty.
Henry VIII: Unless they disperse, and send 100 of their ringleaders to the Duke of Suffolk with halters around their necks, then he has our permission to burn and destroy all their goods, and make a fearful example of them to all our subjects.
Thomas Cromwell: Yes, Majesty.
Henry VIII: If still they do not submit, Mr. Cromwell, then I promise the utter destruction of them, their wives and their children. Do you understand me? I will destroy them all...[he looks up and glares at Cromwell] And then I'll destroy you, Cromwell!

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