Queen Katherine: (kneels to the King) My lord, (Henry tries to force her to rise, but she remains on her knees) sir, I beseech you, for all the love that has been between us, let me have justice, and right. Give me some pity and compassion for I am a poor woman and a stranger, born out of your dominion. I have no friend here, and little council. I flee to you, as head of justice in this realm. I call God and all the world to witness that I have been to you a true, humble and obedient wife, ever comfortable to your will and pleasure. I have loved all those who you have loved for your sake, whether or not I had cause, whether they be my friends or enemies. By me you have had many children, although it has pleased God to call them from this world. But when you had me at first, I take God as my judge, I was a true maid without touch of man. And whether or not it be true, I put it to your conscience. (She rises, curtsies to the King, and departs the court)

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