The 4400 quotes

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Carl Morrissey: What I'm doing here, I'm doing for us, Grace! This is where we live. I just want us to be happy and not be afraid anymore, and it starts with Bradley Park!

Claudio Borghi: I have to offer you a word of caution. The cigar. When you smoke it, you might be surpised by its effects.
Shawn: Oh, I'm not going to get arrested for having this, am I?

Dennis Ryland: Don't you hide behind freedom of the press, what you do isn't journalism, it's shouting fire in a crowded theater and you're gonna stop before the stampede begins.

Dennis Ryland: For instance, yesterday Maia was talking to an employee in the cafeteria. She told her that her daughter would be in the hospital soon, but that she'd be okay. The next day the little girl was in a car accident.
Diana Skouris: So you're saying what? That she's got some kind of second sight?
Dennis: I'm saying I have five stories just like that.

Dennis Ryland: I'm not at all surprised that girl died. That's exactly why we need to get the stuff out of Colliers hands.
Tom: We need to know about your promicin supply, Dennis. Your people have been working with it for months. Have you ever seen anything like this?
Dennis Ryland: We've had some casualties among the volunteers.
Tom: Casualties?[pauses and looks around in disbelief] How many?
Dennis Ryland: We recruited 20 men for the program. Half of them rejected the promicin within 48 hours of their first shot.
Diana: Rejected? You mean died.
Dennis Ryland: We knew there'd be risks, Diana. We explained it to the volunteers before the signed on.
Diana: Oh my God. You knew. You knew what would happen when people took this? Why didn't you tell us when it was stolen? We could have warned Collier, warned the public.
Dennis Ryland: Beacuse gods don't make mistakes. What better way to show the people that Collier is not some sort of messiah, than have him fall flat on his face in public?
Tom: You kept quiet so you could discredit Collier? A woman is dead, Dennis! And you're just as responsible as he is!
Dennis Ryland: She shouldn't have been injecting stolen promicin. And anybody who follows her lead will have to live with the consequences. Or not.

Dennis Ryland: It's changed course!
Diana Skouris: That's impossible! Comets don't just change course.
Dennis Ryland: Well, this one has.
Diana Skouris: Then it's not a comet.

Dennis Ryland: Whoever controls Promicine has a strategic advantage over the rest of the world.

Diana Skouris: It's as if it was coming in for a landing!
unknown: Landing? Like a plane?
unknown: No. More like a mothership!

Diana: We can't do this.
Ben: We just did.

Heidi Moore: Can I help you?
Lily: Heidi!
Heidi: Yeah?
Lily: Heidi, it's Mommy!
Heidi: Who?!

Isabelle: It was a balance of power thing. I was sent to eliminate the 4400!

Jordan Collier: The war for the future will be fought in the past.

Jordan Collier: Well what can I do for you this afternoon, Lily '93. Don't worry, it's not a line, though I do have to say that you're the most attractive abductee I've seen this afternoon.

Jordan: Look, Richard, we need people to start developing abilities.

Kevin Burkhoff: I spent six years in a mental institution suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and you pulled me out of it into the middle of a conspiracy!
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