Project Runway quotes

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(When picking teams, Angela is the only one left)
Vincent: Well, I'm happy to work with Alison.
Angela: Angela.

Andrae: Is there anyone else out there like Santino? In the world? I don't think so. And if there is, don't call me, because one is enough.

Andrae: Off with her head!

Angela: I am leading Tim towards the light!

Austin Scarlett: (about Wendy) We'll probably find her wandering the streets, hair astray and overdone makeup, muttering to herself and wearing orthopedic shoes.

Bradley: I don't know shit about Cher.

Bradley: It was a great birthday model didn't go nude down the runway.

Bradley: TRESemme. Yeah, I used their gel last night and I think it made my hair look better today.

Chloe: Lack of sleep is making me a diva.

Chris: (talking about Rami) There is no way he's not making something Grecian and draped.

Chris: (to Christian) Honey, is there any fabric left at Mood?

Chris: Going to Bryant Park would be like winning the lottery.

Chris: I just want to lay down.
Christian: Are you joking? It's the last challenge. You can't take a nap!

Chris: I moved to New York because of 'Sex in the City' and there was Sarah Jessica Parker standing in front of me.

Chris: I've been on every diet known to man. I've gained and lost so much weight over the years. I added it all up once and I think it was 1500 pounds.