Mighty Morphin Power Rangers quotes

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Adam: Where did our powers come from in the first place?
Zordon: Legend has it that there is a lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Dispair. The keeper of the temple is named Ninjor. He forged the original Power Coins to be used by those battling the evil forces of the universe, but this may only be a myth.

Aisha's grandmother: Love conquers all.

Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai, yai, yai! The controls are going crazy! I'm afraid to push to Power Accellerator any harder!
Zordon: Rangers, the Power Accellerator is becoming increasingly unstable.
Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai--oh! Oh no!
[The control console begins sparking.]
Zordon: The flux of power could ultimately strip you of your Ranger powers.
Tommy [in the TigerZord]: That's a risk we'll just have to take!
Alpha 5: Let's see here...
[The console sparks violently.]
Alpha 5: Oh no! It's out of control! Zordon!
Zordon: Alpha, you must find a way to stablize the Accellerator.
Alpha 5: I'm trying, but nothing's working! The Zords are gonna blow up!
[The console explodes.]
Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai! Oh, what are we going to do now?!

Alpha 5: Now that's more like it. Get 'em, Power Rangers. Reel in that overgrown guppy and send him back where he came from!

Alpha 5: Rita will rule the world! She'll enslave mankind! She'll destroy the Command Center again! She'll---
Zack: Okay, okay, Alpha. We get your point.

Alpha: Danger! Danger! It's the big one! I know it! We'll all be destroyed!
Zordon: Calm down, Alpha! It's Rita. She's escaped, and she's attacking the planet.
Alpha: Ay-yi-yi! What should we do?!
Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans.
Alpha: No, not that! Not... teenagers!
Zordon: That is correct, Alpha.
Alpha: I was afraid of that.

Alpha: Humans. They're so strange.

Artist Mole: And now to create my masterpiece - "Rangers In Danger!"

Aurico: [taps Slotsky's shoulder] Sir, your food's here.
Slotsky: Did I order something?
Aurico: Yeah! A knuckle sandwich!
[he punches Slotsky]

Aurico: Thanks to hydro power, mission is accomplished!

Baboo: Do we get to dress up? I always wanted to be Little Bo Peep!

Beam Caster: [making a quick retreat] Now it's time for me to take a commercial break!

Beam Caster: And now the weather; Bright and sunny days for Lord Zedd, dark and cloudy days for the robotic Rangers.

Beam Caster: I'm takin' over the airwaves, and your brainwaves!

Billy: [sees Alpha] A fully sentient, multifunctional automaton. I've never seen anything like it.