Magnum: [about Rick's black eye] So who was it Rick?
Rick: D'you think it needs more wine?
Magnum: Rick, come on, who was it?
Rick: Catherine.
Magnum: ...Catherine who?
Rick: [desperately trying to change the subject] T.C., what about the peppers?
Magnum: Rick!
Rick: I don't know, they don't have a last name.
T.C.: Who doesn't have a last name?
Rick: [long pause]: Nuns.
[T.C. and Magnum burst out laughing]
Rick: W-well what's so funny?!
T.C.: You mean to tell me, a NUN gave you that shiner?
Rick: She thought I was trying to steal her car!
[T.C. and Magnum laugh even harder]
Rick: Hey, she was a big Nun!

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