Delinda Deline: You're never going to get away.
Mr. Chips: If that's the case, why not kill you right now?
Delinda: Because you need me. I'm the only chip you've got left, Chips.
Chips: I've got 50 million chips, blondie. You're just chump change to me.
Delinda: You're going to die, you know. They shut down your airport. It's only a matter of time.
Chips: By the time the police figure any of this out I'll be on a beach earning twenty percent. [Delinda laughs] I'm glad you think this is all funny.
Delinda: What's funny is you actually think the police will be involved. There will be no police, no FBI. There will only be men whose sole responsibility will be to hunt you down and kill you. All of you. And they will. They always do.

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