Danny McCoy: Sam, you heard of Sexiest Bachelors of Vegas calendar?
Sam Marquez: Yeah, of course.Everyone has. Roberto, my colorist,he has it up on the wall in his salon, and all the boys make bets on who they can get to bite the pillow first.
Mike Cannon: You're kidding?
Sam Marquez: No, he does pretty well for himself,actually.Last year, he nailed Mr. July, Mr. December....
Danny McCoy: So this is a- a gay calendar?
Sam Marquez: Yeah, it's the gayest.Why?
Mike Cannon: No reason.
Sam Marquez: You guys posed for the calendar?
Mike Cannon: Huh? No. You kidding?
Sam Marquez: She got you with the puppies?
Danny McCoy: They were so cute.
Mike Cannon: Danny...Danny...
Sam Marquez: What is it with boys and dogs...When does that come out?
Mike Cannon: We don't know what you're talking about.
Sam Marquez: Oh. You know what? I have to go.I don't have time for this.I have to go, uh, tell everybody. Heeehaaa!! [Sam laughs and runs away.]
Danny and Mike: Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam!
Mike Cannon: This is very, very, very bad.
Danny McCoy: This is worse than bad.

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