Delinda Deline: Two words: Polyester.
Ed Deline: Two words: Calm down.
Delinda Deline: Don't tell me to calm down! You're not even listening to me!
Ed Deline: No, I'm not. I'm trying to study for my driver's test.
Delinda Deline: No one studies for their driver's test!
Ed Deline: Well not everyone has a genius IQ, sweetheart.
Delinda Deline: It does come in handy sometimes. Hey, quit changing the subject! This is a slippery slope, Daddy. I mean, first the wait-staff at Mystique wears polyester uniforms, then who knows what she'll suggest? Stripes with plaids? Denim on denim's? Skorts?!
Ed Deline: Skorts? What's a skort?
Delinda Deline: Where does it end, Daddy? Where??

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