Delinda Deline: Sam. Have you seen Seth? I'm really worried about him.
Sam Marquez: Delinda, he's an adult.
Delinda Deline: He shows up this sweet, unspoiled country boy and now I've turned him into some sort of --
Sam Marquez: American?
Delinda Deline: Oh, God.
Sam Marquez: Yeah. Listen, there's this thing. I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not. It's called personal responsibility.
Delinda Deline: Yeah, but he's overdoing it. And it's all my fault.
Sam Marquez: Good. Everyone overdoes it. That's why we're here.
Delinda Deline: Yeah, but he's picking up slutty girls.
Sam Marquez: That's excellent, actually. He wears the Boy George hats, but he's not gay.
Delinda Deline: And he's drinking like a fish.
Sam Marquez: Helps kill the slutty girl germs.

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