Lt. Dumai: Have you ever heard of Babylon?
Lt. J.G. Meg Austin: Of course. Everyone's heard of ancient Babylon. The Tower, and the Hanging Gardens....
Lt. Dumai: It is 3000 years old and we have other cities even older, and how old is America?
Lt. J.G. Meg Austin: A little over 200 years.
Lt. Dumai: Your country is like a child who has learned nothing yet thinks it knows everything. Let your civilization survive its first thousand years; then perhaps we'll begin to listen.
Lt. J.G. Meg Austin: Even the young have something of value to offer.
Lt. Dumai: But is it not for the old to decide if they want accept it?
Lt. J.G. Meg Austin: Yes.
Lt. Dumai: Then why do you try so hard to push your ways on me?
Lt. J.G. Meg Austin: Because I can't stand to see anyone denied their human right.

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