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Paul: If patients could see what I think about them. If they could really see inside my head, they'd head for the hills, believe me. They'd run for cover.

Paul: Is that why you came here today, Sophie? For me to tell you that you're all right? That you're not crazy? Is that the test you're afraid of failing?

Paul: It's interesting to me that the things that... That drew you together in the first place are the things that seem to annoy you about each other. It's very interesting...
Jake: One more 'it's interesting', And I swear to God I'm gonna fucking deck you, OK?

Paul: Perhaps I'm an alternative to everything that Andrew represents... Dependency, anxiety. But I am not a realistic option for you. This is a safe place where you can come, like David at the beach.
Laura: Yes, but with one big difference.
Paul: What's that?
Laura: I don't want you to adopt me, I want you to fuck me.

Paul: There was a time when I used to talk about my patients, when Ian was a kid. I would share... share details.
Gina: Kate. You don't mean Ian.
Paul: Both of them at the dinner table. I see that look of horror on your face. No, I was pretty discreet actually. I never mentioned any names. If someone mentioned rats, I'd say, 'I had a patient with a fear of rats', 'dreamed about rats every night.' You know, stuff like that.
Gina: You don't do that now?
Paul: No. But I remember when Ian was about 10, he asked me, 'Dad, what's an alcoholic?' And I told him about this patient of mine who needed a drink actually to get out of bed in the morning. [pause] One day this man came up to the office and he was... kind of staggering and Ian said, 'Dad, is that the alcoholic?'

Paul: What about your kids?
Kate: I don't know. Maybe they'll suddenly discover they have a father.
Paul: You're doing this for them? You're having an affair so that they can rediscover their father.
Kate: No, I'm doing it for me.

Paul: What happened last night?
Laura: Well, what didn't happen? The long version or the bottom line? Because the bottom line is very simple. My life is over.
Paul: Then, you'd better tell me the long version.

Paul: You can't see any way in which you and your father may have married the same kind of woman? It seems to me that you both married women whom you admire, but... But you don't necessarily love.
Alex: That's some bullshit. You actually buy this shit? That I'm repeating my father's mistakes? Let me tell you something: what's going on in my marriage has got nothing to do with my father, so stop comparing us.

Paul: You know what amazes me? What really gets me is that you can go to this guy's place. And then you can come home here all wet and flushed and excited and horny. And you can sit down with our son and do his homework. How does that make you feel? I just want to know how does that make you feel?!
Kate: It makes me feel like shit. And a week later I go back and I do it all over again.

Sophie: [recounting a perfect routine she did in the gym] I could feel everybody's eyes on my back. I wanted to turn around and just...
Paul: And what?
Sophie: Nothing.
Paul: No, come on, tell me.
Sophie: I wanted to flip them the bird with both hands like 'Fuck all of you and the fish you swam in on.'

Sophie: Did you know, like, every girl there is a Mia or an Anna except me? They know it. They just don't do anything about it. They encourage it.
Paul: These girls, Anna and Mia, are they friends of yours?
Sophie: You don't know these girls? They're fun girls, especially Anna. Rexic...?
Paul: Anorexic. Okay. And Mia, bulimia?
Sophie: You're sharp as a tack.
Paul: Thank you.