Jill: [Tim has come home with a piece of table glued to his head] Wha-What is this thing on your head?
Tim: It's a little piece of table.
Randy: What happened?
Tim: Old Mr. Negativity, Al, distracted me and got my head cemented to this table. It took me a saber saw to get me off of this table.
Jill: Shouldn't you go to the emergency room?
Tim: I was just there. They said I wasn't a priority.
Jill: Why? Was there a guy with a whole table stuck to his head? [Jill and Karen laugh]
Tim: You notice, I'm not laughing.
Jill(trying to regain composure): It's ok, we'll be good. Randy, s-s-set the table.
Randy: OK. Dad, bend over!

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