(Jack is having his eyesight tested).
Optician: Well I'm confused. His eyesight seems to be perfect. He read all the way down to the last line of the chart, and even I can't see that one.
(The chart is reavealed to repeat the word "drink" over and over.)
Ted: I see. Thing is, Jack has a great fondness for that particular word.
Optician: Well, it's the first time I've used that particular chart actually. I got it free with a promotional crate of Carlsberg.
Ted: Okay, we'll come back and pick Jack up later. (They leave.)
Optician: And now for a chart made by Slovakia's premier lens manufacturers, Feck Arse Industries. (She replaces the chart with a new chart which repeats the words "Feck Arse" over and over.)

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