Charles Hedges: Hello, Father Crilly. I'm Charles Hedges, your producer for this evening, and this is...
Father Ted': Oh, you don't need to tell me! Mr. Rickwood, I'm delighted to meet you. I thought you did a brilliant job presenting last year's show.
Fred Rickwood: [Slurred] Wellthatsthebusinesslikeyouknowwhatimeanyouknowinandoutthedoorsandgiddyup!
Father Ted: Sorry?
Fred Rickwood: [Slurred] Likethebusinessyouknowgetitoutthedoorsandgiddyup.
Father Ted: Ah, yes...
Fred Rickwood: [Slurred] Wellanywayshamehithimshaveabollock. [exits]
Father Ted: Mmm. Mmm. I have to say, he sounded a lot better on last year's show.
Charles Hedges: Well, once he's on the stage, he's fine.
Father Ted: Alright, do you know him a long time?
Charles Hedges: Yes, yes, yes, we've been partners for ten years.
Father Ted: Oh, right, you run the production company together?
Charles Hedges: No, no, he's my lover.

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