Bishop Brennan: Right, now I think it would be best for ye three to continue your careers as priests-cum-film promoters outside my jurisdiction! Now Ted, I thought you might like to go to America. What part, do you reckon?
Father Ted: Um...Las Vegas?
Bishop Brennan: Oh, I'm sorry Ted, I meant South America. Ah, there's a lovely little island, off the coast of Surinam and, [starts laughing hysterically] they have a couple of tribes there- you're going to love this!- and they have been knocking the shit out of each other since 1907! And we have never found the right man to bring them to gether in the spirit of Christian harmony, but I think that you, Ted, are the man!
Father Ted: [discomforted] Well, thanks very much-!
Bishop Brennan: No need to thank me- by the way, do you know how to make arrows?

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