Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks; impersonating a polygraph examiner)I understand there's a question to the veracity of certain statements that you may or may not have made and or heard during your confinement in the fine institution known as Rikers Island. Is that correct?
Owen Hicks: I have no idea what the hell you just said, man.
Adam Ross: Are you playing games with me, son?
Owen Hicks: No, I'm not playing games...!
Adam Ross: Because any heretofore games will not be tolerated. Okay?
[As Jo and Danny witness Adam trying to get a confession out of Owen Hicks]
Jo Danville: How long do you give him?
Danny Messer: Well, if Adam remembers to plug the damn thing in, I don't think he gets past the first question.
Jo Danville: First question? No way it gets that far.
[Back in the interrogation room]
Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks as he gets him ready for the polygraph) This simply measures your blood pressure while the test is being administered. The information then relays to the pen thingy which will go haywire if you're full of... if you're being untruthful. And, based on the amount of sweat that's accumulated on your forehead... gross... is more than likely.

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