Adam Ross: Check this out. [He puts a slide under the microscope] Alright, look, look. It's a piece of the moon. A moon rock. Yeah, this rock is, is from the moon.
Detective Danny Messer: From the moon?
Adam Ross: Outer space.
Detective Danny Messer: Get outta here. Wow. How did a piece of the moon end up in the alley?
Adam Ross: I-I don't know. This stuff is illegal to have and somebody went through a lot of trouble to get it. I mean I've seen this stuff listed on eBay before, you know, and most of it isn't real, but if it is short of going to the moon they would have had to steal from NASA.
Detective Danny Messer: Something happened in that alley and I don't think it had anything to do with what happened in the warehouse.

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