Adam Ross: Strange case, you know. Bar nuts, shark tooth, tropical fish.
Detective Mac Taylor: Beta Splendon. Or Siamese Fighting Fish, to be exact. The brilliant colors are exclusive to males. Males in the same tank will kill each other.
Adam Ross: Ironic.
Detective Mac Taylor: No. Wild Wild Wet.
Adam Ross: [laughs] Whoa. That's a very hip, very salacious Manhattan club. It just kind of popped in your head like that?
Detective Mac Taylor: And your point?
Adam Ross: [flustered] Well... well I just - just didn't think that you would just...
Detective Mac Taylor: The bar's over on Broadway near Chelsea University, Fighting Fish on every table. It's a short train ride from where Randy Williams was found.
Adam Ross: [impressed] Ah you're the man, you can hang anywhere you want, huh?
Detective Mac Taylor: I was at the scene of a crime, Adam. The bouncers went a little overboard, ended up killing some kid from Staten Island. Shrimp cocktail is fantastic. Get me something more on that tooth.
[Mac leaves]

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