Catherine: Whoa, this isn't half bad for college kids.
Sara: Yeah, why live in a one room flea bag when you can pool your resources and live like this.
Catherine: Hey how about it, you, me, Warrick, Nick, Grissom?
Sara: Oh, nah, not Grissom.
[Catherine and Sara walk into the house. Water is pouring down, almost like it's raining, from the second story and the two police officers on scene are using umbrellas]
Catherine: What the hell is this?
Officer: Ma'am, you may want to take one of these. [The officer hands Sara an umbrella]
Sara: Thank you, thanks!
Catherine: Where's the body?
Officer: Upstairs.
Sara: Upstairs?
Officer: Yeah.
[long pause]
Catherine: It's raining MAN JUICE?
Sara: Hallelujah?
[One of the officers dashes over to give them two pairs of boots]
Officer: You might want to wear these.
Sara: Thank you.

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