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'Uncle Sam' Larson: Hey, I saved their lives!
Scotty Valens: And made 89 bucks to boot.

Al:' [about Paige] I loved her. She ran wild on me, so it hurt. Jealousy ain't against the law.

Albert: Compulsive Sexual Behavior. It's a psychological condition, it shouldn't be criminalized.
Chris Lassing: You walked naked through a girls' middle school, Albert, and that shouldn't be criminalized?

Anthony [the bartender]: Are you sure you're gay?
Daniel: Are you sure you're Italian?

Ariel: [about Tiffany and Brandi] I was JV and those two were Varsity bitches.

Ariel: I didn't know.
Lilly: Didn't know what?
Ariel: I didn't know you lived through it.

Artie: The gift I want is justice.

Barry: Maybe you could love me...
Holly: No. I'll never love you either.

Billy Berkenpass Jr.: No telling what the round ball will make a grown man do.

Billy Berkenpass Sr.: So I made a call. Get off my property.

Booker: See you ain't wearin' no wedding ring.
Lily Rush: Well, you know I just can't find the right ex-con drug-dealing smack addict to settle down with.

Boy #2: [about the gun] Give it back!
'Uncle Sam' Larson: You lucky to be alive, you that? Now git! Before I really bust a cap in your scrawny asses!

Brad Atwater: [to Mei] You wanna translate here, cuz I don't think Miss Saigon understands me.
Channary: I am from Cambodia. Saigon is in Vietnam and I understand completely.

Brian: I was clean when I did it... I could see right to tomorrow... all the way down the line.

Buddy: A single woman was considered to be a real flop.