Chuck: Do I get a gun?
Sarah: Nope. You get to stay in the car.
Chuck: C'mon, the whole "stay in the car" thing, aren't we past this? I think I'm perfectly capable of handling myself on a mission.
Casey: [holds Chuck at gun point] You were saying, Agent Imbecile? Drop it, Walker.
Sarah: You drop it.
Chuck: Sarah, don't! I've come this far; if he's gonna stop me he's gonna have to kill me.
Casey: Beckman called in an air strike. It'll be here in less than 20 minutes.
Chuck: What!? Casey, my father is here! You said you would rescue him; you gave me your word. I thought that would've meant something. I guess I have a lot to learn.
Casey: Yeah, that's right you do. You made three crucial mistakes, Bartowski: you didn't realize you we're being trailed for the last half hour, you didn't bring nearly enough fire power, and you didn't ask me to join.
Chuck: Casey, would you like to help us rescue my father?
Casey: I think your father has served our country honorably and deserves to attend his daughter's wedding.
Sarah: Is that a "yes"?
Casey: One condition, he stays in the car.
Sarah: Agreed.
Chuck: Done. Hey the team's back together again! Group hug!
Casey: One more step it'll be your last. No hugs!
Chuck: In the car I go.

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