Ellie: There's no need. I figured it out. I know.
Chuck: You do?
Ellie: You haven't had a girlfriend for a long time and you're in love.
Chuck: Yeah. I am?
Ellie: But lying to me? Missing our most important day like...like you're in high school? I mean do you even know that Morgan's about to be fired?
Chuck: Ellie, I can't apologize enough. I...everything that you're saying is right. I guess that I'm just so, um, I'm so head over heals that I'm not thinking straight, you know?
Ellie: Listen, I know that this is the first big thing to happen to you in while. And you feel like your life's not going anywhere, your job's not either, and you're not Superman out there saving the day. But your a good person and your a good brother and you're a good friend. Don't lose that.

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