Chuck: So listen, I've been thinking a lot about last night. And you know, you guys were talking about how this spy could be...valuable to us. So I was thinking what if we could convince her to, I don't know, like give up...some secret stuff or...
Sarah: You mean defect?
Chuck: Defect, yes! People do that kind of thing all the time, right? The Hunt for Red October...uh...White Nights. [after Casey stares blankly at him] White Nights? Gregory Hines...Baryshnikov...dancing their way to freedom?
Casey: [sarcastically] Well, as long as you've done serious research on the subject. You get her to defect, I'll help rescuing her brother personally.
Sarah: Why are you bringing this up?
Chuck: Well, she sorta, uh, just...called me.
Casey: She called you? Where?
Chuck: At the Buy More. And I think she might been in the store too, because she knew my every move. She even knew that I had mustard on my tie.

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