Denny: You know what your problem is?
Alan: Yeah, a collapsing economy, two wars....
Denny: No, Democrats don't know how to win, Republicans do.
Alan: Maybe instead of so smugly celebrating that Republicans know how to win, might you be at the least bit disgusted at the tactics that they resort to?
Denny: Oh, please.
Alan: The despicable pandering like supporting gas tax holidays or cozying up to the Evangelicals or the most egregious example of political pandering in memory: John McCain's choice in running mate.
Denny: Well... she's run... something.
Alan: What? A town called Wasilla? Which she left in debt?
Denny: She had executive experience including foreign policy.
Alan: Foreign policy? Because she can see Russia on a clear day? Can she even spell "Russia?"
Denny: She's just as qualified.
Alan: Denny, she couldn't name newspaper she read or Supreme Court decision
Denny: Gossip journalism.
Alan: Gossip journalism? Naming a Supreme court case?
Denny: This isn't about Palin, it's about McCain.
Alan: What if, what if he dies?
Denny: Who?
Alan: McCain! Of the last 19 Administrations, almost half, half had situations where the Vice President had to assume Presidential responsibilities; in fact- complete control.
Denny: Reagan had Alzheimer's, his a approval ratings were up-.
Alan: Denny, John McCain is 72! He would be the oldest person ever to assume office. He's ripe for a heart attack, not to mention, he's had Melanoma four times. There's a very real possibility he could die. And then what? We'd be left with Sarah Palin? Is there really anyone anywhere that's okay with that?!
Denny: Yes! They're called Americans! The Joe six-pack -
Alan: Joe six-pack needs someone to fix the economy not have a beer with!
Denny: I don't hear anything other from Obama.
Alan: You don't hear anything at all from John McCain. His own camp says "don't talk about it." Instead, we'll just go negative.
Denny: Oh, Obama's gone negative too.
Alan: Bulldog Palin said that Obama pounced around with terrorists.

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