Avatar: The Last Airbender quotes

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(after Princess Yue unexpectedly kisses him)
Sokka: Okay, now I'm really confused. Happy, but confused.

(approaching the Northern Air Temple)
Katara: (to Sokka, excited) Do you think we'll really find airbenders?
Sokka: Do you want me to be like you or totally honest?
Katara: Are you saying I'm a liar?
Sokka: I'm saying you're an optimist. Same thing, basically.

(Referring to The Masters, whom they are about to meet)
Aang: What if they judge us, and attack us?
Zuko: Well, we're the Fire Prince and the Avatar. I think we can take these guys in a fight, whoever they are.
(After finding out "The Masters" are two enormous, ferocious dragons)
Aang: Still think we can take 'em?
Zuko: Shh! I never said that!

(June and Nyla being "friendly")
June: Nyla! (Throws juicy meat to Nyla).
June: Who's my little, mmm, shnuffly, wuffly.
(Nyla attacks)
June: Whoa! Careful there. Okay, so who's got something with the Avatar's scent on it?
Katara: I have Aang's staff.
(Nyla searches, but finds that Aang is no where he can smell.)
Zuko: Well, what does that mean?
June: Means you're friend's gone!
Toph: We know he's gone, that's why we're trying to find him.
June: No I mean he's gone gone. He doesn't exist!

(Sokka and Chong's group have been reunited with Aang and Katara outside the cave)
Katara: (to Sokka) Sokka, why is your forehead all red?
Chong: (to Katara and Aang) Nobody react to what I'm about to tell you... (points to Aang in the background) I think that kid might be the Avatar!
Sokka: (slaps forehead, red mark gets bigger)

Aang: I already have a picture of Fire Lord Ozai. And here's one that I made out of noodles!
Sokka: Impressive, I'll admit.

Aang: I don't know about this. These clothes belong to somebody...
Katara: I call the silk robe!
Aang: But if it's essential to our survival....I call the suit!

Aang: You do

Aang (at the Ozai practice dummy): You think you're untouchable, don't you, Mr. Fire Lord?!
Momo: Boy, you are really starting to lose it, kid.
Aang: Momo, did you hear something?
Momo: No, but I said something.
Aang: Uh... (he looks at Momo)
Momo: You, my friend, are just a few plums short of a fruit pie. (Aang's mouth hangs open, he shakes his head, and looks at Momo again; Momo chatters)

Aang (to the Painted Lady): I'm the Avatar! (he jumps down in front of her)
Katara: (mysterious voice): Well, hello, Avatar. I wish I could talk, but I am very busy.
Aang: Yeah, me too; I hate that. (he looks at the Painted Lady, Katara tries to hide her face with her hat) You know, you're real pretty for a spirit. I don't get to meet many spirits. But the ones I do meet? Not very attractive. (Katara chuckles nervously)
Katara: Thank you, but-
Aang: You seem familiar. (he looks at the Painted Lady again, but Katara still hides her face with her hat)
Katara: A lot of people say that.
Aang: No. You really seem familiar.
Katara: Look, I really should get going. (Aang Airbends her hat off, Katara grabs it, and turns away)
Aang: Katara?
Katara (turning to face Aang; regretfully): Hi, Aang.
Aang (points at Katara): You're the Painted Lady?! But how?
Katara: I wasn't at first. But since that's who everybody thought I was, I guess I kinda became her. (she drops her hat)

Aang (while he and Zuko are still trapped in the chamber with the green glue-like substance): You had to pick up the glowing egg, didn't you?
Zuko: At least I made something happen! If it were up to you, we'd never made across the courtyard!
Zuko: Who are you yelling to? Nobody's lived here for centuries!
Aang: Well, what do you think we should do?
Zuko: ...Think about our place in the Universe?

Aang [refusing to kill Ozai, looking away]: No, I'm not going to end it like this.
Ozai: Even with all the power in the world, you are still weak.

Aang: (jokingly) Is it your turn for a field trip with Zuko?
Katara: (angrily) Yes, it is.

Aang: (laughing) Just Slob is fine.

Aang: (referring to a statue of a monk) It's nice to see one part of the temple that isn't ruined.
Mechanist: Look out! (A giant boulder swings through and destroys the statue)