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Angel: Back in the day, I'd always get box seats. Or, you know, eat the people who had them.

Angel: Buffy, this wasn't about you. This was about saving somebody's soul. That's what I do here and you're not a part of it. That was your idea, remember? We stay away from each other.
Buffy: I came here because you were in danger.
Angel: I'm in danger every day. You came here because of Faith. You were looking for vengeance.
Buffy: I have a right to it!
Angel: Not in my city!
[long pause]
Buffy: I have someone in my life now, that I love. It's not what you and I had. It's very new. You know what makes it new? I trust him, I know him.
Angel: That's great, it's nice you moved on; I can't. You found someone new; I'm not allowed to, remember? I see you again, it cuts me up inside, and the person I share that with is me. You don't know me anymore, so don't come down here with your great new life and expect me to do things your way. Go home.
Buffy: See? Faith wins again.
Angel: [huskily] Go.

Angel: Cordelia? Were we in love?
Cordelia: We were.

Angel: Cordy that's Darla. Maybe you don't want to...
Cordy: Did you or did you not look me in the eye and say that you would *never* do a thing like this with her?
Darla: Oh, he lied? What a surprise.
[Fred carrying a glass of water]
Fred: Hi. I'm Fred. Is water okay, or did you want some blood?
[Darla takes the water as Wes gently pulls Fred back away from Darla.]
Angel: Cordy. I'm sorry I lied. It was was a very dark time.
Cordy: Oh! You used her to make you feel better during your dark time. Well, that makes it all heroic.
Angel: It wasn't like that. It just happened. It wasn't like I went evil or anything, I just...
Cordy: You just went male. [She brushes the hair out of Darla's face.] Have you been to a doctor?
[Darla gives her a look]
Darla: No. But I have been to every shaman and seer in the Western Hemisphere.
Wes: And what did they say?
Darla: They don't know what it is. They don't know what it means. Nothing like this has ever happened.
Angel: Maybe it's an hysterical pregnancy.
Darla: You wanna feel it kick?
Cordy: Does it kick a lot?
Darla: Like crazy.

Angel: Darla, you might wanna join the fight.
Darla: Sorry, darling. I'm gonna have to be Switzerland and sit this one out. Now, you did say you were just gonna kill the humans, right?
Vampire: Yes, just the humans. Then we will nourish you, slice you open, wear your entrails as a belt and consume your eyeballs before we worship the miracle child.
Darla: Okay. I'm in.
Angel: Gunn, you and I can hold them off for as long as we can. The rest of you, get Darla to the car.
Darla: Oh, I'd rather stay and fight. Show these youngsters a thing or two about real carnage.
Angel: That's thoughtful, but, you know, you should go.
Fred: Charles, do you have an extra dagger I could borrow?
[Gunn pulls out a dagger and hands it to her.]
Gunn: This okay?
Fred: Perfect.
Angel: No my count of three. One, two...
[Fred holds the dagger against Darla's belly.]
Fred: You freaks make one move and I'll slice the miracle kid into triplets.
Cordelia: It's always the quiet ones.
Vampire: Wait!
Fred: [quietly to Darla] They don't know the knife can't hurt the baby.
Darla: [smiling] They do now. Vampires have great hearing.

Angel: Easy. . . Easy. . .
Cordelia: What are those? Holiday decorations left over from some. . . S&M bondage party?
Angel: (re: Angel sets off a bell and wooden spikes close together) Wood. Why did it have to be wood.
Wesley: We have to pass through the corridor without ringing any of the bells.
Cordelia: (sigh) (looks down at her chest) I knew you two would get me in trouble some day.

Angel: Fred! Good to see you out and about.
Fred: It is isn't it. Out and about. I've been forkin' with Gunn.

Angel: Go to hell.
Jasmine: You first, baby.
[Forces Angel into a kiss.]
Connor: Always the same, dad. I get a girl, you gotta make a play for her.
[Jasmine lets up on the kissing.]

Angel: Guess what I'm doing now? Not using my windpipe.
Spanky: Vampire.
Angel: Capital "V." And there's something else you should know about me. [picks up a paddle and knocks him across the room] I have no problem spanking men.

Angel: Guys, can I say something? Money's important (pauses) but it isn't everything. I got... I got carried away. (looks over at the pile of money) I just never had a life that was totally dependent on me before. But that's no excuse. (looks at the money again) Where was I?
Cordelia: Money's not the most important...
Angel: No, it's not. What's important is family ... and the mission.
Cordelia: (after a long pause and looking at the money) They tried to cut Fred's head off. We earned every penny.
Angel: Hold the baby.
(everyone begins grabbing money furiously)

Angel: Guys, guys. Does it make sense that she would go there in the middle of the night, without calling either one of you?
Wesley and Gunn: They owe us money.
Angel: Let's go.

Angel: Here's the plan: We go in, I start hitting people hard in the face, see where it takes us.

Angel: Hey, nice sweater. Where'd you get it, Ed's Big & Spiny?

Angel: Hi. Can I come in?
Kate: Oh, that's right. You have to be invited in, don't you?
Angel: [pause] You've been doing your homework.
Kate: Want to quiz me? I'm just full of fun facts. For instance, I learned that your friend has been in L.A. before, did you know that? Yeah, at least twice. Once in 1929 and again in 1963. Oh, and there was something in Boston in 1908, I think he was there, too.
Angel: So you believe me.
Kate: Yes, I believe you...
Angel: Good, because he's planning something el...
Kate: ...Angelus. Isn't that what he called you? Angelus? I looked it up, it's all right there. The demon with the face of an angel. A particularly brutal bastard, by all accounts. Oh, and no, you can't come in.
Angel: I can't make up for the past, Kate, I know that...
Kate: No, you can't. In fact, all of this? What's happening now? Is because of you. You made him, didn't you?
Angel: Then let me help end it. Please.
Kate: 'Please.' Now there's a word I imagine you heard quite a lot in your time. 'Please.' 'No.' 'Don't.' Thanks for the offer, but I don't need your help. I know what to do. Drive a stake right through the son of a bitch's heart. And when that happens, I suggest you don't be there, because the next time we meet, I'll do the same to you.

Angel: I really don't like it when people shoot me.