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Al: It's not like you're lost in a mall -- you're lost in time.

Al: Shake your booty.

Al: She think's she's having her baby in an alien spaceship.

Al: What's with Ebenezer there?
Sam: He's ready to tear down the mission with his bare hands, Al; I think I'm making things worse.
[Al is impersonating a future ghost]

Blake: I know you. You're that jerk from the lobby.
Al: I am the Ghost of Christmas Future. Whoo-haha!
Blake: Please. The Ghost of Christmas Future wore a black cape. Jacob Marley had the chains.

Mary: Who are you?
Fake Al: Yin and yang, good and bad. God...
Sam: ...The Devil.
Fake Al: In the flesh, so to speak.
Mary: This isn't possible!
Sam: Come on Al, tell me he's not real...
Al: Uh...I...you...ah...he's real. Oh Sam, he's very real.
Mary: What is happening?
Sam: Why are you doing this?
Fake Al: To put an end to your meddling. Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong?!
Sam: I'm just trying to get home.
Fake Al: Well you're not going to make it!

Sam: Do you have to sneak up on me?
Al: I'm sorry. What do you expect a hologram to do? Knock?