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Anabelle: You were the one.
[[w:Roger Sterling|: You weren't.

Bert Cooper: I don't want to have to walk down here every time we lose an account. This is an advertising agency. I'll wear out the carpet.

Betty Draper: [to her daughter] You don't kiss boys. Boys kiss you.

Betty Draper: What would you do if you were me? Would you love you?
Don Draper: I was surprised you ever loved me.

Betty Draper: Where's Don?
Nurse: He's in the waiting room.
Betty Draper: Bullshit! He's never where you expect him to be.

Don Draper': And let's also say that change is neither good or bad, it simply is. It can be greeted with terror or joy. A tantrum that says ‘I want it the way it was,' or a dance that says ‘Look, something new.'

Don Draper: [looking at a whiskey ad] Can you believe this? What is the world coming to?
Sal Romano: That is a big bottle.
Don Draper: That's not a bottle, that's a date.
Sal Romano: My oh my, what a big bottle you have.
Don: Sorry honey, but I'm taken. I just pawned my typewriter so we can be together all weekend.

Don Draper: Connie, this is my wife Betty.
Connie Hilton: By golly, you are an indecently lucky man.

Don Draper: No. Because there are people out there who buy things, people like you and me. And something happened. Something terrible. And the way that they saw themselves is gone. And nobody understands that. But you do. And that's very valuable.
Peggy Olson: Is it?
Don: With you or without you I'm moving on. And I don't know if I can do it alone. Will you help me?
Peggy: What if I say no? You'll never speak to me again.
Don: No. I will spend the rest of my life trying to hire you.

Don Draper: The product is good. It's high quality. Dogs love it, but the name is poisoned.
Client: That name got us where we are. Do you think that was just luck?
Don Draper: I'm not saying a new name is easy to find. And we will give you a lot of options. But it's a label on a can. And it will be true because it will promise the quality of the product that's inside.

Don Draper: You're not an artist, Peggy, you solve problems. Leave some tools in your toolbox.

Don: People change their names, Bets. You did.
Betty Draper: I did. I took your name.

Gene Hofstadt: You think money's the answer to every problem.
Don Draper: No, just to this particular problem.

Harry Crane: My mother-in-law says I look like Perry Mason.
Paul Kinsey: It's not a compliment. It means she thinks you're fat.

John Hooker: Mr. Kinsey, you might want to shave your beard.
Paul Kinsey: What? Who the hell are you people?
John Hooker: That was a joke.