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Alex: Marissa's not... happy.
Julie: Marissa and happy parted ways about her 16th birthday but have you met her new friends sullen and vindictive?
Alex: No, the only ones she's brought over to the house are scared and overwhelmed."

Alex: Sorry, I would have introduced you guys, but I didn't want you to meet.

Alex: That's sweet. It's pathetic but sweet.
Seth: Yeah, that's my niche. Pathetic and sweet.

Alex: You're out of your mind.
Seth: Maybe I am, Alex. Maybe I'm like, so far out of my mind that I'm in yours.

Bobby: She's a great lady, huh? Your mom. What a pistol.
Sandy: I always thought of her as more of an AK-47.

Caleb: You have been monitored to one degree or another since before we were married. The affair you had with your former husband. The tryst last year with that high-schooler... Luke.
Julie: Oh, my God.
Caleb: I mean, your daughter's boyfriend. What will people think?
Julie: Ex-boyfriend.

Caleb: You know, I really did love you, Ju-Ju.
Julie: Ooh. Past tense. That stings.
Caleb: Sorry. Grammatical error.

Carter: Oh, it's just a little thing I like to call my wedding anniversary.
Kirsten: You're divorced.
Carter: No wonder this party sucks.

Crowd Member: Seth Cohen's a tool!
Seth: Okay. I know I'm not who you all imagined as prom king, seeing as how I'm not who any of you actually voted for. But she's the queen, and I love her. So I guess that makes me the king.
Summer: Cohen?
Seth: No, I'm just the guy standing next to you. You're the queen, all right? I'm the jester, perhaps, if that works. So let me ask you this, Your Highness: what can I do to make it up to you?
Summer: Well, you can start by dancing with me.
Crowd Member: But he's a tool!

Jimmy: What if I stay? What if we give it another shot? We're both older and wiser now.
Julie: Well, I'm definitely wiser.
Season 3

Julie: Are you going to throw your bedroom furniture in the pool now?

Julie: I am so screwed.
Sandy: I know. I saw the footage.

Julie: I made a mistake, Kiki... A naked mistake.
Kirsten: Excuse me?
Julie: A hundred years ago, a boyfriend convinced me to let him film me. In the act. I was young, living on rum, and I needed the money.

Julie: I was easier to love back then. I was beautiful and much nicer.
Jimmy: Jules, c'mon. You're still beautiful. And we both know you were never nice.

Julie: It's been so long since we've done this.
Jimmy: Well, it's like riding a bike... An incredibly toned and, you know, evenly tanned and limber bike.