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Blossom: I kinda liked kissing.
Bubbles: Yeah!
[She and Blossom giggle]
Blossom: How about you, Buttercup?
[Buttercup starts spitting in disgust]
Buttercup: Yuck! Buck!
[Blossom and Bubbles laugh]

Blossom: Professor! What's going on?
Professor Utonium: Oh, it's the mayor, girls. He got into my chemical X so I scolded him, and now he's run off pouting.
Season 6

Brick: Hey! What's wrong with you girls?! You're supposed to start crying when we hit ya!
Boomer: Yeah!
Blossom: What are you guys, new?
Bubbles: Yeah! We're the Powerpuff Girls!
Buttercup: And it takes a lot more than a couple of cheap shots to make us cry!
Brick: [smirking] Well, then. I guess we'll just have to serve it up...
[Bubbles is thrown through a shop window]

Bubbles: [Picks up the phone] Hello?
Mojo Jojo: Hello. May I speak to Professor Utonium?
Bubbles: Who shall I say is calling?
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no one he'd know, just a curious stranger.
Bubbles: [Yelling] PROFESSOR! There's a stranger on the phone!
Professor: [picking up the phone] Hello, Mr. Stranger, what can I do for you?
Mojo Jojo: Oh. [Clears throat] Ah, hi, I'm calling from Townsville Community College and I'm doing a report on the Powerpuff Girls, and I was wondering, what exactly are those little girls made of?
Professor: Ah, oh, well, the Powerpuff Girls. Oh, let's see now, eight cups of sugar, a pinch of spice, one tablespoon of everything nice, and, now this one's important: accidentally add a drop of Chemical X. And voila!
Mojo Jojo: That's it? I mean, wow. Thanks.
Professor: I also have a great recipe for pound--
[Mojo hangs up]

Buttercup: NO!! I NEED MY BLANKET!

Him: [laughs effeminately] Don't you know the faster you go, time slows down? Your time stopped for fifty years whilst you were out racing around.
Blossom: I know that voice!
Him: Seconds, minutes, hours, days and nights all crawl by on hands and knees as you race the speed of light.
[Him has now emerged. The Girls gasp in horror]
Bubbles: Look!
Him: Yes! Coming back now? Remember?
[Buttercup remembers her dare to her sisters: "So - which of you slowpokes wants to race me home?"]
Buttercup: No!
Him: Yes! As you raced through time, [demonic] the whole world went to HECK!
Blossom: You lie! Don't believe him, Girls!
[The Girls severely attack and batter Him - but he seems totally unaffected]
Him: [effeminate] Are you finished?
Buttercup: No, but you are!
Blossom: Don't you know you can never beat us?!
Him: Beat you? Why, girls! Don't you see? [demonic] I've already WON!!!!!
[He transforms into a larger, more terrifying version of himself]
Him: The beauty lies in the pain, because it's your fault for leaving! All I did was take over! It was easy!
Citizens: It's Your Fault. It's Your Fault. It's Your Fault.
Blossom: Wh-what have we done!?
Buttercup: NO! NO! NO!
Citizens: It's Your Fault. It's your fault.
[The Powerpuff girls fly into space, then dive back to earth at supersonic speeds, thus going back in time] Season 3

Mayor of Townsville: Mayor want toast! Mayor want toast!
Professor Utonium: Look I'm a scientist not a mechanic, what you need to do is take your toaster to the manufacturer and have a certified mechanic fix it.
[Mayor starts to get mad]
Professor Utonium: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'll have a look at your toaster. But the I've got to get back to my experiments.
Mayor: Oh, goody, goody!
[starts to jump up and down] [rattling]

Mayor of Townsville: Ooh! Another shiny button!
[he presses the button and the lab begans to shake]
Mayor of Townsville: Help!
[lab stops shaking]
Mayor of Townsville: Huh?
[Chemical X is changed]
Mayor of Townsville: Ooh!
[Professor Utonium is working on the Mayor's toaster and removes his shades]
Professor Utonium: Mayor? He's being too quiet.
[He sneaks inside]
Professor Utonium: Mayor? What are you DOING?!
Mayor: [humming] [puts the chemical x on his head] Mayor want hair.
Professor: No! Mayor, stop!
Mayor: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Mayor gotta hair! Mayor gotta hair! Yummy 'X' powder made Mayor's hair grow! [looks around] Professor. Professor?
Professor: Your hair wasn't the only thing that grew, Mr.Mayor.
[looks down]

Mayor: Is it done yet?
Professor: No.
Mayor: How about now?

Mayor: Oh, goody!Oops.Uh-oh. [runs under the table]
[crawls under to get the candy]

Mayor: Ooh...What does this button do?
[presses button] [alarm] [loud rumbling] [walks over to where the Professor is] [explosion] [the blast pushed the Mayor and the Professor in his chair away]

Mayor: Say, these are all lemon!Somebody ate all the Goody cherry candies! [throws jar on the ground] Mayor want cherry! Mayor want cherry!
[Professors runs to him with and industrial size bag cherry candies]

Mayor: Whee! Do it Again! Do it again!
Professor: Oh, no. You're gonna sit right here,be a good little Mayor,and stay put while I work on your toaster. And if you're quiet, you can have some candy. Good boy.[puts the mayor in a highchair]
[gives him a jar full candy] [he starts rattling in the jar]

Mayor: Wowie zowie.
Professor: Wowie zowie, indeed. Have you no shame? A grown man your age gallivanting around like a little child,not doing what you're told! "Mayor wanna this. Mayor wanna that." You, Mr.Mayor, are nothing but a baby, a big, big, big baby.
Mayor: Wah! Don't say that!
Mayor: Wah! [Runs off]

Miss Bellum: What do little boys fear more than anything in the world?
Bubbles: Bugs!
Buttercup: No, Bubbles, that's what you're afraid of.
Bubbles: Oh, yeah.