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Bossman: Hi, I'm Bossman. And this is Skinny Slim and Tiny. We're the Amoeba Boys, and we're bad guys! But we got a problem, though.
[Cut to a park; the Amoeba boys are standing on the grass next to a “Stay off the Grass” sign; the Girls are playing, ignoring them]
Bossman: No matter what unthinkable crime we commit, it's never good enough for those stinkin' Powerpuffs.
[Back to the Boys]
Bossman: Oh, sure, we try to be tough. We try to be "hardened criminals". But all we ever hear is...
[Cut to them and the Girls in the park again]
Blossom: Bad guys, shmad guys.
Bubbles & Buttercup: You're cute!
[Back to the Boys]
Bossman: Gaaah! It's enough to make you wanna crawl back to the petri dish!

Powerpuff Girls: Not so fast --- oh.
Blossom: It's just you, Amoeba Boys.
Bossman: Whaddaya mean "just us"?! I'll have you know we were just about to comit the crime of the century! So why don't you just watch? Come on!
[The Amoeba Boys cross the street, and then come back.]
Bossman: Well?
Powerpuff Girls: What was that?
Bossman: Jaywalking! Crosswalk over there, a crosswalk over there, and us right through the middle! NOW LET'S FIGHT!
Blossom: Aww, you guys are cute, but you'll have to do better than that.
Amoeba Boys: [Crying] But that's the best we can do!

Blossom: Have you ever tried robbing a bank?
Amoeba Boys: [Shocked] That's impossible!

Amoeba Boys: [Interrupting the trial of the Girls] Hey, Powerpuff Girls!
Powerpuff Girls: Amoeba Boys!
[The Amoeba Boys are holding the cash bags from the robbery]
Bossman: What'do we do with these?

Skinny Slim: (while being pummeled by Bubbles) Duh, hit me, baby! Yes!
Season 1

Blossom: Gee, I sure hope we can find a trail.

[After changing everyone in Townsville into dogs with the Anubis Head]
Mojo Jojo: All right, you flea-bitten curs! Heel! I, Mojo Jojo, am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! Obeying commands is what you will do! I will give you commands, and you will obey them!

Blossom: Not so fast...
Buttercup: Mojo...
Bubbles: Jojo!
[The Girls are changed into dogs]
Mojo Jojo: Too late, Powerpuffs! Or should I say, "Power-pups"?

Mugger: [Holding an old woman at gunpoint] Uh... everybody freeze or the old lady gets it!
[The crowd gasps in terror]
Major Man: Halt, vile villain, or taste the bitter flavor of justice that Major Man will serve you!
Buttercup: [Sing-song voice] Cor-ny!
[The crowd shushes her.]

Narrator: It appears our Girls are being secretly monitored. But by who? [upon seeing who it is, he is suddenly scared] Oh, no! Not... I-- I-- I can't say it! This is a villain so evil, so sinister, so horribly vile, that even the utterance of his name strikes fear into the hearts of men! The only safe way to refer to this king of darkness is simply... Him!

Bossman: Blossom, come watch us do a crime!

[Being chased by Boogie Man]

Bubbles: Buttercup? Blossom? Oh No! I - I can't do it alone! [Crying]
Professor Utonium: Bubbles, if you can just face your fears, then I know you can find the courage to beat him.

Narrator: The city of Townsville! And what a beautiful city she is, full of--
[A phone rings]
Narrator: Oh, excuse me. [Answers phone] Uh... hello?
Ace: [Over phone] Yeah, listen, jerkface, you good for nothin' toad!
Narrator: You can't talk to me like that!
Ace: [Over phone] How 'bout this? I THINK YOU STINK! I CAN SMELL YA OVER THE PHONE!
Narrator: Why I oughta... WHO IS THIS?!
[The caller hangs up]
Narrator: Hello?! Hello?!

Him: [To Mojo Jojo on the phone; demonic voice] Mojo! It's me... [Effeminate voice] Him!
Mojo Jojo: Oh! Yes, sir! What is it?
Him: [Demonic] You wouldn't believe what just happened!
Mojo Jojo: The Powerpuff Girls just broke in unexpected?
Him: WHAT?! How did you know?!
Mojo Jojo: The same thing happened to me and Fuzzy Lumpkins. He's on the other line.
Him: Well, put him on!
[Mojo puts Fuzzy on the line]
Fuzzy Lumpkins: [Shaking with fury] BUSHWHACKED IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT!!
Him: This is an outrage!
Mojo Jojo: You are right! We are all citizens! Evil citizens, but citizens nonetheless!
Fuzzy Lumpkins: BIRTHDAY SUIT!! [Cries]
Him: [demonic voice] We should complain!
Mojo Jojo: But to whom?

Big Billy: Hello?
Him: [demonic voice] I demand to speak with The Mayor!
Big Billy: He's not here right now. Can I take a massage (message)?
Him: [effeminate voice] Do you know when he'll be back?