7th Heaven quotes

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Annie: You know, Ruthie, when someone does something wrong, they need to take responsibility for it. And sometimes when they're angry, they say things that aren't nice and aren't true. I was hoping that after a while you would have time to think about what you said, and you would apologize. Do you remember when you said you hated me? I know you don't like to be punished, but saying you hate me really hurt my feelings.

Coach Cleary: I understand that some of this has to do with "senioritus." I don't care. You were told in no uncertain terms that your studies were the priority and your grades had to show immediate improvement. Unfortunately, these reports show that they haven't. Now, I don't know if you didn't have an understanding of just how serious I was, or if you didn't have time to study. But now, you have both. (locks the gym doors)
Elaine: Practice is cancelled?
Coach Cleary: You are students here who play basketball. You're not basketball players who show up to classes whenever the mood strikes. Until you proven that you understand that by bringing your grades up, this season and this team are cancelled!
Mary: You can't do that!

Eric Camden: (about the kids) Why is it that they like your parents and not mine?
Annie Camden: Because my parents are better.

Eric (to Mary): Did you guys know what would happen if you didn't get your grades up?
Mary: (hesitantly) Yeah.
Eric: Well, then, for now, I support this lock-out.
Mary: What?
Annie: I'm sorry, kiddo, but your coach didn't screw up. You did.

Eric (to Mary): I'm angry at you for just giving up on college. And now, unfortunately, I'm even angrier at you because you bought a car, and that particular car. Did you know that I worked my way through college, and I've worked for 20 years, and a sports car is my dream, and I can't afford one?
Mary: Yes, I know that, but can I help it if I can afford it?
Eric: (laughs to himself, counts to 10 to collect himself) You bought it, you pay for it. I'm gonna let you be responsible for you. And if you ever change your mind and decide you don't like working an endless string of jobs that have absolutely no meaning for you, then you're still going to have to pay for the car.
Mary: I know. Maybe I can even sell it.
Eric: Not for what you paid for it.
Mary: Well, great. If I can make money off of it, I'll put it toward my college tuition.

Eric (to Mrs. Kerjesz): I'm really sorry if Simon bothered you.
Mrs. Kerjesz: I know what he wanted. He wanted to ask about something he saw the other day. (pulls up her sleeve to reveal numbers) Could an innocent boy like that really understand my story?
Eric: Well....yeah, I think he can. But I don't want you to feel pressured to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable.
Mrs. Kerjesz: Oh, I talk about it. With my friends who are survivors. We have common ears, we can hear each other. Other people....they don't hear us so well.

Eric: (At Steve and Susan's wedding) You may now...(Steve and Susan start kissing) ...continue kissing the bride.

Eric: (to Mary) So what are you and Jeff doing tonight? (Mary stares at him) That's right I'm prying. It's my job, my duty, my life.
Mary: Oh I don't know. We really don't have any plans, we might just drop by a party or something.
Eric: Whose party?
Annie: Have we met these people?
Mary: I don't think so.
Eric: Is it just for older kids?
Mary: I don't know.
Annie: Is alcohol allowed?
Eric: Will the parents be home?
Mary: I'm not sure, it's just a party. It's not like the guy throwing it handed out his biography.
Eric: That would be autobiography and if he had you might have had a shot at going.
Mary: Dad!
Eric: Sorry kiddo, not gonna happen.
Mary: What am I supposed to tell Jeff?
Annie: The truth. That we said no.
Eric: He knows who your parents are.
Mary: Yeah, the people trying to ruin my life! Stomps off
Eric: Not only trying, but sometimes succeeding.

Eric: (praying) We thank you for this food, Lord, and...any other help you could pass our way about now would be greatly appreciated, with an eye toward peace and harmony. Amen.

Eric: Alone at last!
Annie: Worth the wait!
Eric: I'm glad to hear you say that!

Eric: Hey, Luce, have you seen your mom?
Lucy: (shakes her head) Not lately.
Eric: (walking over to Lucy sitting down in the hallway) Hey, how's my little girl?
Lucy: Not so good.

Eric: Honey, I think you need to sit down now and try to relax.
Annie: Bite me!
Eric: Bite me?!?

Eric: I just can't go for a security system over a person.
Lou: And that's what makes you a caring, compassionate minister...and a lousy businessman.

Eric: I still can't believe I forgot my birthday!
Ruthie: You're old. Old people forget stuff.

Eric: I've got three daughters myself.
Mr. Nicholson: Yeah, any of them pregnant? (slams the door in his face)