Eric (to Mary): I'm angry at you for just giving up on college. And now, unfortunately, I'm even angrier at you because you bought a car, and that particular car. Did you know that I worked my way through college, and I've worked for 20 years, and a sports car is my dream, and I can't afford one?
Mary: Yes, I know that, but can I help it if I can afford it?
Eric: (laughs to himself, counts to 10 to collect himself) You bought it, you pay for it. I'm gonna let you be responsible for you. And if you ever change your mind and decide you don't like working an endless string of jobs that have absolutely no meaning for you, then you're still going to have to pay for the car.
Mary: I know. Maybe I can even sell it.
Eric: Not for what you paid for it.
Mary: Well, great. If I can make money off of it, I'll put it toward my college tuition.

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