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Bobby: You think it's tough defending the guilty, Lindsay? Try the innocent... it's terrifying.

Bobby: If I don't give the closing of my life tomorrow, a 17-year old girl loses hers.

Eugene: Then there's the smell.
Pearson: Beg pardon?
Eugene: Well, the jury takes a whiff of this, a whiff of that, gets kind of a hunch for the truth. They're going to smell your client, smell ours, smell you, smell me. Kind of like scratch and sniff litigation.

Pearson: That wasn't a negotiation, it's a gift. I was throwing you a bone.
Lindsay: It's just that, um...well...I was looking for a bigger bone.

Judge: You threatened to break his kneecaps?
Eugene: Not break...dislocate.
Judge: Right in front of his lawyer?
Eugene: Well, it would have been unethical for me to do it outside of counsel.

Rebecca: Bobby, your hookers are here.
Bobby: [annoyed] Clients, Rebecca.
Rebecca: Yeah... your clients. They're here.

Bobby: Your honor. I now will be asking you to recuse yourself given my client's attack on your safety.
Judge: I am not recusing myself, counsel. I'm sure your client is very distraught and I promise to be understanding. I'll consider myself misunderstood.

Pearson: What was all that, Lindsay?
Lindsay: The beginning, professor.
Pearson: Do you know what you're in for?
Lindsay: I think so. Do you?

Bobby: Still, if we can get that judge off this case.
Lindsay: What are you thinking?
Bobby: I'm thinking that if that judge slept with a woman in Pearson's firm, that is a card. And it's not beneath me to play it.

Rebecca: Bobby, you want to keep this place in operation, that's fine. But you better think real hard about exactly what it is you're trying to keep going.

Leonard Goode: If Gerald Braun came to you before, and said, "Oh, by the way, I'm going to kill Ronald Martin", I hardly think you'd give him your moral blessing.
Rabbi Winter: Well, you would be wrong, Mr. Goode. Because Dr. Braun did come to me, and I did give him my blessing.

Bobby: Waive reading, your honor. Plead not guilty.
Judge: Bail?
Bobby: Your honor, Dr. Braun cannot be considered a flight risk, Judge. He's a health risk, goes about shooting people in the head.

Dr. Gerald Braun: But I'm not a victim anymore. I'm not. I shot him. I shot him and I watched his neck explode. And then I heard him gurgle. And it was joyous. He suffered, and I thank God above he had time to know why he was dying. Today I'm at peace.

Eugene: The general description you were talking about, that would head? :Police Officer: Yes.
Eugene: Did you or your partner approximate the circumference of my client's cranium?

Eugene: Do you think it's unreasonable for a black man in South Boston to be nervous about two policemen pulling up and illuminating him like a deer caught in their headlights?
Police Officer: I don't think he had any reason to be nervous if he were innocent.
Eugene: [sarcastically] Silly me.