Blanche: [on the phone, unaware that Angelo is in the kitchen] Hi Walter, how are you? ... Yeah, I feel like a caged animal in heat too. ... Walter, you naughty boy! Keep on talkin'! ... What am I wearing? Well, to be perfectly honest, A NUN'S OUTFIT! ... Oh, sounds good to me, uh huh. I'll be over just as soon as this storm lets up! [hangs up, then sees Angelo staring at her quizzically; to Angelo] He's a leper. And I'm the only one who'll touch him.
[Angelo, not knowing Stan and Dorothy are divorced, brings Stan into Dorothy's room at night. When Angelo leaves, Stan sits on the end of the bed] Stan: Dorothy, I know it's been a while, but try to control yourself, I need to get some rest. [Dorothy kicks him off of the bed] What the hell was that for?! Dorothy: Stanley, you're not getting into this bed! Stan: Well, where the hell am I supposed to sleep? Dorothy: On the floor, like any dog. Stan: Fine! [grabs pillow and sheets] Just fine! Stan Zbornak doesn't have to beg a woman to get into bed! Women come to me! Dorothy: Oh, sure. Right after they get the approval number on your MasterCard! Stan: Good night! Dorothy: Oh, shut up! [Stan gets on the floor and lays down as Dorothy turns off the light. He starts laughing] Dorothy: Stanley, if you're doing what I think you're doing, you're in big trouble.

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