Barbara, Estelle Pope's Attorney: We're here to talk about family and the threat posed to family when the father isn't up to the job. Ms. Johnson, since you have arrived in Los Angeles, you and Will Pope have worked very closely together. Long days, sometimes long nights, weekends, how much time does Mr. Pope actually have to spend with his children when it's really you he's spending time with?
Blanchard: Objection.
Barbara: On what grounds?
Blanchard: Your question is argumentative, harassing, and ends with a preposition. Kindly rephrase.
Barbara: This is ridiculous, Tom --
Brenda: Chief Pope and I are not having an affair!
Blanchard: Excuse me, Ms. Johnson. Will you kindly refrain from speaking? Now, Barbara, if you're going to pursue this line of questioning I would remind you that Chief Pope didn't leave his first wife for Ms. Johnson. He left her for Estelle. And unlike the future ex-Mrs. Pope, whose infidelity brings us here in the first place, Ms. Johnson has never broken a vow of marriage. So any attempt by your client to besmirch Deputy Chief Johnson's reputation will be considered harassment and grounds for a very long, expensive, and embarrassing lawsuit. During which I will drag your client into court and we can examine Estelle Pope's adulterous behavior with vigorous attention to detail. [turns to the stenographer] Are you getting all this?

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