Brenda: Are you wearing your gun?
Fritz: [smiles] Yeah.
Brenda: Can I have it?
Fritz: What's wrong with yours?
Brenda: Well, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm off duty. So, would you let me borrow yours? For a minute, please? [Fritz hands her his sidearm] Could it really be that simple? [aims at mirror] Bang.
Fritz: What are you doing?
Brenda: Trust me... Trust me. [crouches down] Now walk towards me like you're trying to find out what I'm doing.
Fritz: [still smiling] I am trying to find out what you're doing.
Brenda: ["aims" hairbrush at Fritz] Bang. See? That's how I shoot Barak with Martin's gun, and then I shoot Martin with Barak's. That's how. 'Cause he knew Barak was coming. That's how. [kisses him] That's how.

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