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Master Yoshi: He who lives without honor, will end without honor.

Michelangelo: [Whispering] Donatelloo, Donatelloo, if you build it, we will ride....in turtle style!

Michelangelo: And I thought Master Splinter said never to take swords from strangers.

Michelangelo: Did Shredder just wake up one day and say 'I'm going to make some clones of myself! Really ugly ones!'

Oroku Saki: I am Oroku Saki, demon! Let my name be the last sound you hear!
Ancient One: It was he who finished the demon.
(A celebration of the five warriors begins)

Raphael (after catching up with Tyler after he ran off; twirling one of his sais): You can't sneak away from a ninja, kid.
Tyler: Leave me alone!

Shredder: Ah, the power, I have almost forgotten! The Sword of Tengu! The sword in which I'd laid villages to waste, brought castles to ground, vanquish armies! The sword that I used to conquer Japan and give power to the Tokugawa clan! It is mine once more!!

Shredder: You freaks have been a thorn in my side long enough. No one opposes the Shredder. And now I will have my revenge for our last encounter. Say farewell to each other -- while you still can.
Michelangelo: Oh yeah, Mr. Spikey-Pants? Well, you're the one who should be saying....uh...farewell to, um... to yourself!
Raphael: (Being sarcastic) Oh yeah, Mikey. That got 'im.

Splinter: Having created an impenetrable stronghold and his only true opposition to strong. Saki became the most feared warlord of all, his name was spoken in whispers.
Ancient One: And the name they all whispered was the Shredder. The Dragons vowed to defeat to the Shredder at all cost, they needed to increased their power so they sought out mystical knowledge.The ancient spells and wisdom that will allow them to stand against the Shredder's might. They've studied hard and learned much, the Dragons scoured the globe for masters of the mystic arts who will be willing to teach them.
(Each of the Dragons went to find the masters of the mystic arts)

Splinter: Nothing, have the Tribunal heeded Yoshi. My master might be alive today.
(Splinter sheds a tear)

Splinter: Oroku Saki's betrayal plunged Japan into an age of darkness. The malevolent essence of the Shredder swelled within him and all around him. There's seem no limit to the evil of which he was capable.
(The Shredder use his powers to destroy Japan and build an impenetrable stronghold)

Splinter: So much danger, never wanted this for them.
Ancient One: Splinter, I cannot meditate with you muttering like that. Besides my butt has fallen asleep.
Splinter: My apologies, Ancient One. But the Ninja Tribunal troubles me more each day, I cannot allow their foolish judgment to cost me my family. Not again.
Ancient One: Your sons are capable, sort of.
Michelangelo: Um, hello we're like five feet away. How about showing a little tack.
Leonardo: Master Splinter, when you say the Ninja Tribunal cost you your family. What are you talking about?
Splinter: I am talking about my beloved Master Yoshi and of a time in the past. Yoshi-san was a guardian then, pledged to protect the Utroms. He came to alist the Ninja Tribunal's aid.
(In a flashback where Yoshi and Ancient One are visiting the Tribunal)

Splinter: The Emperor held a great celebration and decree that the warriors would be known as the Five Dragons. There could be no higher honor.
Ancient One: He awarded them their own banner. The Three-Toed Sign of the Dragon, but the celebration was premature.
(Back in the battle was Saki was about to finish the demon)

Splinter: The Empire's greatest craftsmen had forged armor for the warriors. Special armor engraved with protective spells and talismans of purity. Armor they will soon wear into battle against the evil Shredder Tengu.
(The five warriors went out to battle the Shredder)

Splinter: The Shredder Tengu spread his evil everywhere, he seems unstoppable. There were five great warriors in Japan in that time. Their courage and their victories were legendary.
Ancient One: And you young punts already have the honor of meeting them. There was Hisomi. Chikara.
Splinter: Juto.
Ancient One: Kon. And perhaps the most skilled and ambitious of them all, Oroku Saki.
Leonardo: Saki, Shredder's fake human identity. He was real?
Ancient One: Don't interrupt, Leonardo. Just listen, so these five great warriors were summoned before the Emperor, who informed them. They were the world's last hope.
Michelangelo: Whoa, no pressure or anything.
(The Emperor shows them their enchanted armors)