Roger Sterling: I bet daily friendship with that bottle attracts more people to advertising than any salary you can dream of.
Don Draper: It's the way I got in.
Roger Sterling: So enjoy it.
Don Draper: I'm doin' my best here.
Roger Sterling: No, you're not. You don't know how to drink. Your whole generation, you drink for the wrong reasons. My generation, we drink because it's good, because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar, because we deserve it. We drink because it's what men do.
Don Draper: What about shaky hands, I see a lot of that with you boys?
Roger Sterling: No joke. Your kind with your gloomy thoughts and your worries, you're all busy licking some imaginary wound.
Don Draper: Not all imaginary.
Roger Sterling: Yeah, boo hoo.
Don Draper: Maybe I'm not as comfortable being powerless as you are.

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