"Need a Date? Call Ron" Crush (Season 1)
"Detention: Room 12" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
"Warning: Mutant Vermin on Campus" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
"Detention: Still Room 12" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
"Procrastinator's Club: Meeting Postponed" Number One (Season 1)
"PICK BRICK! Paid for by Bonnie Rockwaller." Royal Pain (Season 1)
"Home of Kim Style" Kimitation Nation (Season 1)
"Lunch Special: Chicken Fried Sushi" Low Budget (Season 1)
"Middleton Medical Center: Ask about our specials" (Middleton Hospital) Fearless Ferret (Season 2)
"Chez Ron Now Serving" Two to Tutor (Season 2)
"History Field Trip Yesterday" Rewriting History (Season 2)
"Those Who Fail History Are Doomed to Repeat It" Rewriting History (Season 2)
"Pun Club Sign Up" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
"Look into our pupils" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
"We have class" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
"Lunch on The Ron" Ron Millionaire (Season 2)
"Vegan club meating canceled" Go Team Go (Season 2)
"Mutated Roach Awareness Week" Roachie (Season 3)
"Sinkhole Awareness Week" Roachie (Season 3)
"Home of the Gravy Ghost" Gorilla Fist (Season 3)
"Home of Double-Cheese Pizza" Gorilla Fist (Season 3)
"Reading: It's a Novel Idea" Overdue (Season 3)
"THE END" So The Drama (Season 3)
"not THE END" Ill Suited (Season 4)
"Ron Unstoppable!" Ill Suited (Season 4)
"Pep Rally: Some Assembly Required" Grande Size Me (Season 4)
"Come for the classes, Stay for the pie" Grande Size Me (Season 4)
"Freshman Orientation!" Trading Faces (Season 4)
"Freshman Re-orientation!" Trading Faces (Season 4)
"Testing, Testing 1-2-3... and 4 pm." Clothes Minded (Season 4)
"If you lived here, you'd be home schooled by now." Big Brother (Season 4)
"Unemployment starts now." Graduation Part 1 (Season 4)
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