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Bill McGregor: Well, you got a decision to make, Jason. You can come to the games on Friday Nights and be some kind of 'Town Symbol', some kind of mascot; or you can come to Friday night games and you can be a football coach. But you can't be both. They can't be your friends.

Buddy: [as he and Santiago drive around] So you're ready for the game tonight? You may see some playing time tonight, son.
Santiago: What the hell's the point of all this?
Buddy: What'd you say, Santiago?
Santiago: I can't do it.
Buddy: What?
Santiago: What do you care if I play, huh? You don't know me. You're not my pops! You don't know nothing about me. You're just some fat white guy who wants to make himself feel good, that's what you are. And I don't need nothing from you, all right? I don't need to work at your car dealership and I sure as hell don't need football!
[Buddy pulls over the car]
Buddy: Shut that door. Shut the door! I'll tell you what, you want to go back to that cafeteria eating off of plastic with 200 guys going nowhere, you be my guest, son. Now listen to me. Tonight is your night. You have an opportunity to go out there and accept the challenge. You have the opportunity to become part of a team. If you don't do it tonight, then you're never gonna do it in your entire life. Now, I'm goin' to the field. So you get out, be my guest.
Santiago: I hate you. I hate you.
[Buddy starts driving again]

Coach McGregor: What a crock. You don't piss on my shoes and tell me it's raining.

Coach Taylor: [to Smash after he insulted Matt] You watch your mouth! What the hell do you think you're doing?
Matt: He's just doing the same thing you did.
Coach Taylor: I'm sorry?
Matt: You just used us as a stepping stone to get to TMU and when that didn't work out you came back thinking we'd be happy to have you. It's kinda like what your daughter did with the Polish, Swedish kid, whatever the hell he is.

Coach Taylor: [yelling] You know how many people depend on you to make good decisions? Huh? Do you have any idea? Your grandmother, your friends, your teammates. You better start making them, you better stop being so damn selfish, you hear me?
Matt: Shut up! Just shut up! You don't care about me, you left me for a better job, your daughter left me for a better guy, Carlotta left me for Guatemala, my dad left me for a damn war. Everybody leaves me. What's wrong with me?
Coach Taylor: There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you at all.

Jason: Missed you at practice today, Riggs.
Tim: Well, yeah. Doc told me to rest, so I'm resting.
Jason: Yeah, did he prescribe a 12 pack, too?
Tim: No, that was me.

Jason: You can have it all, but you can't have it all at once, so you take your memories where you can get'em. Right, Riggs?
Tim: Absolutely. Here's to many more memories. Happy birthday, Six.

Julie: You just gotta let it go sometimes, you just...gotta let people be who they wanna be and just let 'em go make out with whoever they wanna make out in front of whoever they feel like.
Landry: You don't just give up though. If you really care about something you don't just give up. You do whatever it takes.

Landry: [to the football team] Maybe we're forgetting that we're a lot stronger together than we're ever gonna be alone. I realize that I am not anywhere close to one of the most talented players in this room and I know I've never played one real down of football but, but I know we can - we can either win together or we can lose alone. And I know it sounds stupid but it is an honor just to stand in here with ya'll.

Landry: And I went inside to get the food, and she stayed outside. As soon as I heard what was happening I ran out, I dropped the bag and I ran out. And then I just started hitting him.
Officer: Stepped in to help your friend, is that it?
Landry: I wanted to kill him, sir.
Officer: Yeah but he was actually hurting the girl, right?
Landry: I picked up a pipe that was on the ground and I ran over and I hit him, I hit him twice on the head as hard as I could.

Landry: Why don't you go punch him in the face?
Matt: Oh, is that what you would do?
Landry: In some situations you need to ask yourself, W.W.R.D.? What Would Riggins Do? In this situation?
Matt: Riggins would not be in this situation 'cause Riggins is captain of the S.S. Ta-Tas over there.

Lyla: [saying grace at dinner with her mom and her new boyfriend] Thank you Lord for this food that we are about to receive and for your wisdom Lord. I pray that you will guide me and everyone at this table to help respect You and make good choices ... for example to not take advantage of the vulnerability of a recently separated but not yet divorced woman ... and in turn to give others at the table the strength to remember that a mother of three should not be wearing skinny jeans. Amen. [They all release hands] Bon appetit!

Lyla: [seeing Santiago walking out of the reform school] Hey, if this is your escape plan, it needs work. [drives up next to him] I was just kidding. I heard you got out. Congratulations.
Santiago: Yeah, I'm on probation now. Congratulations!
Lyla: [to herself] Okay. [drives to Santiago and opens door to offer him a ride]
Santiago: What are you tryin' to do?
Lyla: I-I'm puttin' my money where my mouth is. Come on.

Lyla: You should try practice without a hangover. I hear it's a entirely different game.
Tim: Yeah, that's kind of what I'm afraid of.

Matt: I don't think that I can go to the concert.
Julie: Why can't you go to the concert?
Matt: Because I'm pissed off at you. I mean, you cheated on me with the Swede and then you wouldn't tell me about it until I pushed you about it and then when that didn't seem to work out you came back to me as if, you know, that would just be okay and you never said you were sorry.
Julie: I am sorry.
Matt: That might have worked a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure you'll find somebody else to go to the concert with you.