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Al:' [about Paige] I loved her. She ran wild on me, so it hurt. Jealousy ain't against the law.

Albert: Compulsive Sexual Behavior. It's a psychological condition, it shouldn't be criminalized.
Chris Lassing: You walked naked through a girls' middle school, Albert, and that shouldn't be criminalized?

Anthony [the bartender]: Are you sure you're gay?
Daniel: Are you sure you're Italian?

Barry: Maybe you could love me...
Holly: No. I'll never love you either.

Billy Berkenpass Jr.: No telling what the round ball will make a grown man do.

Billy Berkenpass Sr.: So I made a call. Get off my property.

Carl: I wish we could have met under different circumstances...

Caroline: Mitch didn't use drugs or prostitutes. We are churchgoing people.

Daniel: I love you. Nothing has to change.
Deborah: What do you mean?
Daniel: I mean I do love you. I love you.
Deborah: But not the way you're supposed to.

Deborah: Danny wasn't cruel. The world was.

Det. Sherman: It was a typical job during the crack era. Guy comes around looking for some company, ends up robbed and killed by the girl.
Lilly Rush: Why'd you think it was a hooker?
Det. Sherman: Ever been to Kensington Avenue darling? It's hookerland.
Lilly Rush: Yeah? I grew up in Kensington.
Det. Sherman: So what was he doing there? Seeing the sights?

Dominic LaSalle: You're playing your hand badly, detective Rush. See in poker, like in business, or warfare; the optimal strategy is not to have one. Or, rather, not to show it. You wear yours like a bad dye job.

Doreen: Why you gotta be so selfish? You already got Benny in the sack. Why can't I have him on the dance floor?

Elisa: [to Lilly] You're a detective? But you're so beautiful.

Fred Banks: Sister Vivian was pretty cruel... but murder?